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 As a medium size family run business of 17+ years, the friendly, courteous, and professional service we provide is far beyond many of our customers' expectations. Our product knowledge and experience working with homeowners, hospitals, engineering staff, and building management allows us to provide you with the best possible service imaginable. Our technicians are highly qualified in both residential and commercial types of control systems. In addition, our fleet of vehicles maintain adequate stock of the tools and materials required to service your needs. 

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recent news

Spring 2012: We were chosen by AiN Group and GE Home Technologies as the areas' Top Integrator and Partner!

Fall 2012: We Showed our "Easy Buttons" again this year at the Highland Lakes Home Parade. "Working with 4 Builders on 7 Homes provided great exposure and many future projects" explained Owner, Kenny Thompson.

Summer 2013: Our website now showcases a new "Virtual Showroom" that demonstrates an Automated Living Room.  Watch, Listen, Dim the lights, adjust temperture, view cameras and more at our Virtual Living Room.

Fall 2013:  We will be "Parading" again this year with 2 Builders and the HCBA.  Simple Lighting Control and Wireless Music Services will be highlighted in addition to the Easy Control Systems of these homes.

Fall 2013:  We were named the winner of "Home Electronics and Automation" by an unbiased panel during HCBA Parade Home judging!  Let us design your upcoming project - we know sytems engineering and have the awards and projects to back it up.

Winter in Texas? 2013: We've been awarded several large projects in Gillespe County since the Hill Country Builders Association combined forces.  Local Builders and Homeowners have found the easy way to do business and control their homes within budget.  We've been serving and loving Frederickburg and Gillispe County for 15 years!

Winter in Texas? 2014: After an extensive Horseshoe Bay Escondido integration pre-wire last year, we've been awarded the final product design and installation!  There is no system untouched in this multi-million lakehouse.   Easy control from one App and in-home touch displays/TV's.  We may be Parading this home...stay tuned.

a few of our services

Satellite Station Fire & Security

Integrated network security cameras give businesses and homeowners a convenient way to monitor activity on their property while home or away, via the internet, smart pad or phone.

Satellite Station Fire & Security

We bring together each sub-system into one fully automated system — while accommodating future upgrades.

Satellite Station Fire & Security

Going away on vacation or out for the evening? Press a button to turn off every light in the house or program it to look as if someone were home.

Satellite Station Fire & Security

Dim the lights and set the temperature to the desired evening level, push play to your favorite Sinatra album, keep a virtual eye on the kids, and then Google a new recipe for dinner... all from your smart pad or phone.